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GISS provides unique and differentiated services. Click on an item to find out more: 

GISS FortiNet Firewall Managed Services & SLAs

GISS Cisco Firewall Managed Services & SLAs

GISS Training
GISS provides Internet Security and FortiNet/Cisco Product training onsite customised to meet your requirements.

GISS Internet Service Monitoring
GISS provides clients peace of mind that someone is proactively monitoring not only their shop and window (web and email) but also key business productivity tools (email, web, dns, ldap, routers).
GISS Traffic Flow Monitoring
GISS Traffic Flow Monitor provides monitoring of internet bandwidth usage. It provides system administrators with live readings and long-term usage trends for their internet connection.

GISS Internet Security Auditing
GISS Internet Security Audit Penetration Testing services reliably increases your confidence in the security of your computer networks.