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GISS Training

GISS has extensive training experience in Network technologies, IP Routing, Internet Security and VPNs. GISS also provides product specific training for Fortinet FortiGate Firewalls/VPNs and other technologies.

Introduction to Firewalls and Internet Security (1 Day)
A wonderful introduction that leads to easily understanding IP Addressing, Subnets, Routing, ARP and IP tools, and through practical examples how these can be controlled using modern Firewall technology. See more details below.

Fortinet FortiGate Firewall/VPN Training (1+ Day)
Basic firewall administration training including FortiGate initial set-up, Virtual IP, Policy Rules, VPN, Logging, Anti-Virus, Intrusion Detection Anti-Spam and Web Filtering.

Customised (1+ Day)
Customised training designed to meet your exact requirements

Some of our Training Features:
Onsite training
Equipment provided
Hands-on exercises
Internet Security Tools provided
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Introduction to Firewalls and Internet Security (1 Day) 

This excellent one day training course makes understanding the concepts and jargon of ip and internet security easy. Clear concise training with proof of theory lab-exercises make this a day rich with practical and learning experiences. For the novice this is an extraordinarily easy way to get a clear and deep insight into the reputedly complex world of networking. For the more advanced user this is a way to confirm that all those building blocks of understanding are in place. Concepts covered include:

Networking Principles

Explaining Ethernet communications method, MAC Addresses, OSI 7 layer model of communications that makes understanding network communication much simpler
Hands-on: Using free LAN Protocol Analyser to get an understandable snapshot and insight into the traffic on your network.

Internet Protocol (IP) including Addressing, Subnet and Routing

Covering the basic operation of IP based networking including IP, ARP, DNS, ICMP, TCP and UDP - all these acronyms and terms explained and understood with the minimum of fuss - learning is easy if you have a good trainer.
Hands-on: IPConfig, Route Print, Ping, nslookup, pimgplotter, fireplotter


Intermixed during the course will be hands on experience of implementing Firewall rules allowing and blocking specific types of traffic. The icing on the cake, understand Routing/Transparent Firewalls, NAT (Static/PAT), Ports/Services/Protocols, - all the essential elements of what happens in a firewall - clearly explained with hands on experience.
Hands-on: Fortigate, Routing, NAT, Firewall Rules


And then the future - understand something about the differences between the current IPv4 to v6. When will it happen, how will it happen and how will it affect your own networks

Pre-requisites: A desire to have a comprehensive understanding of IP networking and internet security.

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