Thursday, June 24, 2021

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GISS Internet Service Monitoring

The GISS Internet Service Monitor (GISM) provides network managers peace of mind that someone is proactively monitoring critical business services such as email, web access, web servers, database servers, dns, ldap, firewalls, switches, routers. 

Through 24x7 monitoring and pre-emptive alerting, GISM eases the pressures usually associated with reactive fault management. GISM eclipses the days when directors or users reported to IT Managers the failure of key services that are needed to be online day and night.

GISM tests for availability of monitored services at agreed time intervals. In the event of a service failure, an agreed number of subsequent polls are performed before the notification system activates and alerts IT Manager or Helpdesk via email or SMS. The notification system also confirms when normal service is resumed.

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