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GISS Internet Security Auditing (or Penetration Testing) increase your confidence in the security of your networks:

No matter how extensive or expensive your security systems are, there is only one way to find out if they are functioning correctly and preventing unauthorised access to your private company networks and data - penetration test them.

GISS Internet Security Audit (ISA) performs such testing - (also known as ethical hacking) - comprehensively and exhaustively testing for identifiable vulnerabilities and internet application deficiencies. Our Internet Security Audit scans your firewall for open ports that connect through to your internal Network Servers.  Upon finding any open ports, we checks to see if there are any known high, medium or low risk vulnerabilities present on those devices. If there are, our subsequent report recommends simple remedial actions to remove the found vulnerabilities.

GISS Internet Security Audit (ISA) Objectives:

To undertake, on a regular (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Once-off) basis, a thorough testing of the security configurations and effectiveness of a client's Internet gateway security installation - by probing remotely from the external Internet, in the same manner as any potential intruder. The testing searches for all known Security vulnerabilities that can be practically identified, including most recent at time of test.

The testing does not require access to the company network, servers, or to privileged information such as computer account/password data - it is based on the ‘black-box’ approach.

The GISS ISA follows the non-exploitative philosophy - i.e. security holes are identified and advised to the customer, but they are not exploited. GISS Internet Security Audit will not attempt to ‘break-in’ to any systems, and no onsite data files or hard disks will be directly written to.

Here is an example of vulnerabilities we found on a single device for one of our, now secured, customers':

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