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FortiNet FortiGate Firewalls

GISS supply FortiNet solutions. Fortinet's comprehensive portfolio of security gateways and complementary products offers a powerful blend of ASIC-accelerated performance, integrated multi-threat protection, and constantly-updated, in-depth threat intelligence. This unique combination delivers the highest level of network, content, and application security for enterprises of all sizes, managed service providers, and telecommunications carriers, while reducing total cost of ownership and providing a flexible, scalable path for expansion.

If you want a closer look at FortiGate, why not take a look at the demo of the interface used to manage FortiGate Firewalls at using username: "demo" and password: "fortigate". Give us a call if you would like us to talk your through. 
We have many customers who would be very happy share their good experience of FortiGate Firewalls if you want a reference. Many of our customers have migrated from other vendors firewalls to Fortigate Firewalls.

Fortigate invested $50M in product development in the past two years, and have an amazing roadmap of features coming over the next 12 months.

To visit FortiNet's website click here: FortiNet 

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