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GISS have been helping clients to protect their data and network devices since 2001, and developing software since 2006 - here are a few brief news bytes on some of our recent business partnerships and activities:

Mar 20 2021 - 80 Gbps Firewall Throughput

Precision engineering company for Aerospace, Climate Control, Electromechanical and Filtration technologies, and long-standing GISS customer, this month smoothly upgrades core UK datacentres with 4 x Fortigate-1100E (80 Gbps throughput) firewalls to replace legacy Cisco ASA technologies. This complex migration went without a hitch thanks to careful and time-consuming preparation. It's like decorating a room - it is the important preparation that is really 80% of the work.

Feb 08 2021 - FortiClient EMS

Sheet Music Business and valued GISS customer begins deployment of FortiClient EMS platform this month. FortiClient EMS (Enterprise Management System) supports Internal Segmentation Firewalling (ISFW) by simplifying FortiClient deployment and by providing endpoint management from a single console. FortiClient EMS helps to provide real-time control and visibility into endpoints when they are both on and off corporate networks.

Jan 10 2021 - Internal Segmentation Firewall (ISFW)

An NHS Trust GISS customer this month purchased a pair of Fortigate FG-600Es to use as an internal segmentation firewall cluster. The Internal Segmentation Firewall (ISFW) is designed to protect network segments from malicious code that makes its way to the internal network. This kind of OT (Operational Technology) protection is becoming more and more vital in NHS networks.

Dec 04 2020 - System-on-a-Chip SD-WAN

A public sector purchasing organisation today, with assistance form GISS upgraded to 3 x Fortigate-200F. The FortiGate 200F series provides an application-centric, scalable and secure SD-WAN solution with next generation firewall (NGFW) capabilities for mid-sized to large enterprises deployed at the campus or enterprise branch level. Protects against cyber threats with system-on-a-chip acceleration and industry-leading secure SD-WAN in a simple, affordable, and easy to deploy solution. Fortinet’s Security-Driven Networking approach provides tight integration of the network to the new generation of security.

Nov 15 2020 - S.A.M.L. (Security Actually May Laugh... no not really.)

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an open standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between one Identity Provider (IdP) and one or more Service Providers (SP). Both parties exchange messages using the XML protocol as transport. FortiGate firewall devices can be configured as both IdP or SP. This month a GISS customer based in the voucher industry is upgrading to Fortigate-400E firewall cluster to support FortiOS 6.4, that now supports SAML.

Oct 13 2020 - Your firewalls could last 7 Years or more.
A GISS medical research customer this month has upgraded to a Fortinet 600E FortiGate firewall cluster in order to take advantage of latest FortiOS protection systems. That upgrade is after the existing FG-600C FortiGate cluster had been in operation for 7 years. How much of an upgrade? 16 Gbps throughput upgraded to 36 Gbps - more than double.

Sept 29 2020 - Downtime not an issue!
This month has seen two GISS customers undergoing Fortinet FortiWifi Access Points (FAP) refresh projects. It seems that many IT Managers or IT teams are realising that with most of the wor force currently working from home, it's an ideal time for office IT hardware changes - where downtime is not an issue!

Aug 10 2020 - A Penetrating Stare.
GISS Penetration Testing services in greater demand as customers have to open more potential attack surfaces to cope with diverse home/mobile work force demands. See: GISS Internet Security Auditing

Jun 16 2020 - 3rd Line Support, 1st Class Cover.
GISS renew Fortinet licenses for global manufacturing customer for Fortigate firewalls in 140 locations worldwide. This same customer has responsive 3rd line annual support contract with GISS, covering Fortinet estate of over 300 devices.

May 05 2020 - No Compromise, No Danger.
Internet usage, forensic analyses, compliance auditing, and fast identification of compromised client machines, are driving increasing logging expansion for FortiAnalyzer (FAZ) for a home appliance manufacturer. The IoC (Indicators of Compromise) Service from Fortinet analyzes FAZ logs and quickly identifies any compromised end-point devices.

Apr 22 2020 - What we need is a Secure Envoy.
GISS this week has seamlessly integrated SecureEnvoy 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) into a perfume manufacturer's FortiGate and home/mobile work force FortiClient environment. In doing so, protecting the corporate network during the pandemiic when increased remote access further increases possibilty of security breaches.

Mar 10 2020 - A refreshing Corona instead perchance? :-)
Over the past two weeks GISS have been increasingly asked to assist with secure remote access for home users in light of Corona Virus. SSL-VPNs, FortiClient VPNs, Fortitoken Mobile licenses in abundance. We have also been asked if GISS provide a method to monitor SSL-VPN bandwidth usage or to monitor remote user bandwidth usage? And, the answer is yes - we do - our service GISS Internet Service Monitoring allows customers to monitor SSL-VPN tunnel remote user bandwidth usage on their Fortigate firewalls.

Jan 06 2020 - Refreshing start to 2020.
GISS have provided an existing 5 year Fortinet customer, who develops engines, transportation systems and hybrid and electric system, with a firewall hardware refresh for 37 location worldwide, including FortiGate 1101E’s, FortiGate 101F’s and FortiGate 60F. The migration from old to new units will be seamless, with GISS Professional Services preparing the new units ready to deployed, with minimal downtime.

Dec 20 2019 – Crank It Up.
A three campus college in Scotland have this week announce that GISS has won their complex tender for their firewall upgrade. The new Fortigate-500E firewall cluster to be deployed supports the 2 x 10Gb connections required for new college infrastructure. The FortiGate 500E firewalls are incredibly fast. The secret is Fortinet’s purpose-built CP9 content processor and parallel path processing that significantly outmatch competing products that are based on off-the-shelf components, to deliver best-in-class threat protection and SSL inspection performance. It also includes innovative collaborative learning capabilities, giving it the ability to share information and workloads with other security devices and systems in the same network, while also remaining visible and manageable through a single pane-of-glass for communications and control. This enables organizations to detect and block malevolent content before it can attach itself to vulnerable assets.

Nov 01 2019 – Network Jitters?
Got the Jitter Bug? Want to lower your latency? Scared you'll lose a packet? Then SD-WAN (or Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) that is integrated as standard in Fortigate firewalls is for you. Have two WAN links to use for internet access? Fortigate's SD-WAN will analyse jitter, latency and packet loss and make decisions on how best to use your two links to optimise service. This week a historic school on the south coast have been migrating its firewalls to SD-WAN - and that has resulted in significant improvemnet in overall WAN performance.

Sep 09 2019 – FortiFW_WIFI_Switch.
Marketing Company in Leamington Spa replace an old Fortigate-200B firewall with a state-of-th-art Fortigate-60E unified threat management firewall - integrated with FortiWifi Access Point (FAP-221E) and a FortiSwich (FS-424D-POE) to get FortiNet's Security Fabric fully across their network infrastructure, with single pane of glass GUI to manage it all. Visibility from the MAC layer to Application (Control) and daily updated virus/botnet/malware protection on the fly.

Apr 24 2019 – Switched ON.
This month a school in Oxfordshire that has been using Fortigates and FortiAPs (wifi) for several years has now fully embraced the Fortinet Security Fabric by purchasing 30 FortiSwitches (FS-224E-POE, FS-248-POE). A total of 1344 switch ports will be deployed across the campus. The Fortinet Security Fabric reduces and manages the attack surface through integrated broad visibility and it stops advanced threats through integrated breach prevention.

Feb 13 2019 – Web Services in the Jungle, sorry… in the Amazon.
Two customers this month have asked with assistance in setting up redundant VPN links to AWS (Amazon Web Services) – this is very straightforward to do using their Fortigates and AWS auto-vpn setup service. If you need assistance with yours – let us know.

Fat Controller says “Convert This!”
A large railway company based in South West UK has requested our assistance with converting Cisco ASA firewall configuration to Fortigate firewall configuration. Fortunately, we have FortiConverter – an excellent tool converting the configurations. They often need some tweaking – but FortiConverter really removes the donkey work.

Oct 05 2018 – WAFer thin it is not.
This month we have installed a FortiWeb Web Application firewall (WAF) Cluster for a employee and consumer engagement business in Milton Keynes. The pair of FWB-600Ds will be protecting 90+ websites. The WAFs will guarantee security of web applications and secures sensitive database content by blocking threats such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection, buffer overflows, file inclusion, denial of service, cookie poisoning, schema poisoning, credential stuffing and countless other attacks.

Aug 23 2018 – Entrusted Upgrade.
One of GISS's largest global customers started a program of upgrading 50+ firewalls across Europe this month. This customer specializing in motion and control technologies has entrusted GISS to undertake this significant business-critical logistical task. Already several firewalls have been seamlessly upgraded. Some feedback from one of these upgrades: "Installation took place on Thursday 18th April and everything went very smoothly.  In fact, I've never had a upgrade go as smoothly as this one.  Please congratulate (and pass on my personal thanks to) whoever put the instructions sheet together - everything was clear, concise and correct."

Jun 21 2018 - Re-View That!
Many of our customer choose to undergo a firewall review. Sometimes as part of PCI, sometimes just as good IT housekeeping. This can be a laborious but worthwhile process. Tidying up routing, VPNs, NATs, firewall policies - cutting out the deadwood - making overall firewall operation more secure and efficient.

May 04 2018 - *Eeee* By Gum Tis Fast.
Customer of GISS who are a leading international creator and manufacturer of fragrances and natural extracts have moved up from their legacy FG-110C to a FG-100E. The FG-110C gave good service - 7 years. May the superfast (7.4Gbps) FG-100E firewall do the same.

Apr 18 2018 - Riding the Wave.
A long established GISS customer experiments with the first FortiAP that supports Wave2 802.1ac 4x4 MIMO. And that is with a brand new FAP-421E. Wave2 supports speeds to 2.34 Gbps (up from 1.3 Gbps) in the 5 GHz band. (Contact Us for more information).

Mar 14 2018 - IoC? (Indicators of Compromise).
The FortiAnalyzers we supply along-side the FortiGate firewalls have a subscription feature: IoC. Once activated the Indicators of Compromise (IOC) summary screen shows end users with suspicious web usage compromises. It provides information such as end users’ IP addresses, host name, group, OS, overall threat rating, a Map View, and number of threats. You can drill down to view threat details. To generate the Indicators of Compromise, FortiAnalyzer checks the web filter logs of each end user against its threat database. When a threat match is found, a threat score is given to the end user. FortiAnalyzer aggregates the threat scores of an end user and gives its verdict of the end user’s overall Indicators of Compromise. A long-standing GISS customer purchased IoC subscription this week. (Contact Us for more information).

Feb 19 2018 - FG-1500000000000000000000Ds shipped.
Well, FG-1500Ds really. And we have this week shipped the second of these market disrupting next-gen firewalls to a large research institute in the Shires. These high-performance stateful firewalls achieve 80 Gbps firewall throughput - which sets a new standard of price per Gbps protected traffic. Their threat prevention tech provides 11 Gbps intrusion prevention and application control performance, which is five times faster than any price comparable next-generation firewall. FG-1500Ds utilize the latest FortiASIC™ NP6 network processor and CP8 content processor to detect malicious content at multi-Gigabit speeds without affecting the network’s availability or performance and provide an ultra low latency down to three microseconds. Want one?

Jan 21 2018 - I CAD you not.
This week GISS is installing a FortiGate-60E and FortiWifi access points for a new customer based in Buckinghamshire. This customer is a specialist CAD reseller that needed a rapid deployment of a new firewall and wifi as a new company split off from the old. We are pleased to report that within less than 2 weeks of initially meeting the customer we had the firewall available and ready to install.

Dec 06 2017 - The Science of Appliance - Upgraded.
Long standing GISS customer that is a leading well known supplier of home appliances (e.g coffee makers, kitchen appliances, ironing, floor care) - has this week upgraded from FortiGate-200B firewalls (that have serviced the company for five years) to FortiGate-200Es. Before the 200Bs, FortiGate-200As were deployed for 5 years. The steady appliance of the science of security has kept been keeping this customer steady and secure for over a decade now.

Oct 02 2017 - Gambian Medical Re-search Secured.
This month GISS is assisting a UK organisation that is leading health research in West Africa. A FG-200E UTM firewall cluster and two FG-100Es UTM firewalls at satellite locations, all in Gambia, are being deployed top protect the 900 or so employees of this organisation that is saving lives and improving health in the region and across the world.

Aug 24 2017 - Foundation of Learning - Defended.
GISS is providing a cluster of three Fortigate 300D UTM firewalls and a FortiAnalyzer-VM to a large foundation of 6 independent schools. One of the key requirements was the capability of the Fortigate to not only secure Windows and Macintosh devices, but also to securely handle and audit trail internet traffic from 500+ student iPads via RSSO. This has been done with great success. This firewall cluster also deploys SD-WAN (Software Defined-WAN) for easier firewall policy deployment and connection redundancy. For more information on iPad and RSSO integration or SD-WAN: Contact Us

Mar 02 2017 - Azure FortiGate - a hue of blue in a virtual firewall?
This week GISS is assisting a global engineering firm to deploy their first virtual firewall in Microsoft Azure cloud-based environment. More and more enterprises are turning to Microsoft Azure to extend internal data centers and take advantage of the elasticity of the public cloud. While Azure secures the infrastructure, you are responsible for protecting everything you put in it. Fortinet virtual appliances offers comprehensive security for Azure workloads including firewall, security gateway, intrusion prevention, and web application security. Would you like to deploy a FortiGate firewall in an Azure environment? Contact Us

Dec 01 2016 - GISS enhances SLA deliverables.
GISS is this month enhancing it's Managed Firewall Services. These now optionally include: Highly Responsive Telephone & Email Support; Secure Remote Configuration, and/or Remote Configuration Assist; Secure Remote Debug (of complex communications issues); Out-of-Hours Firmware Updates and Upgrades; Real-time Monitoring and Alerting (Memory, CPU, Bandwidth, Sessions, AV, IPS, Web Filtering, Application Control, Configuration Changes, User Activity); Dedicated Secure Customer Portal; Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reporting; Secure Remote Device Back-Up and Restore; Secure Remote Appliance Restore (after repair/replacement from FortiNet); Regular Penetration Testing; Configuration Assessment Service. Contact Us for more details on our SLAs and Managed Support contracts.

Oct 31 2016 - It's a Gas, Gas, Gas.
GISS is pleased to announce today they have renewed annual support SLA with nation leading providers of gas heating and electrical installations, servicing and repairs - to social housing providers across the United Kingdom. GISS will be supporting Fortinet technologies: FortiGate Next Generation UTM Firewalls in regional centers in 20+ locations around the UK; and High-availability firewalls and FortiManager in a managed Datacentre. This customer is deploying both flow-based and proxy-based threat protection systems.

Sept 23 2016 - Psssst! It's in the Cloud!
GISS this week has provide Professional Services to a leader in sustainable technologies, to provide guidance for moving their firewall security infrastructure into Cloud firewalls provided by Level3. The cloud firewalls will be deployed in 3 regions: Europe, North America and APAC. The services Level3 are providing are Managed FortiGate Firewalls, that include IDS/IPS, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam - GISS assisted with the data gathering and deployment design.

August 12 2016 - Supported Estate.
This month a UK-based Telecommunication, Media and Technology Specialist with a global firewall estate of 10 firewalls sought a new support partner for their existing FortiNet firewalls. GISS is pleased to report that we successfully won the support contract. GISS will be providing responsive, professional and helpful telephone, email and remote configuration support as required - whilst at the same time providing 24x7 SNMP monitoring of the firewalls - collecting traffic bandwidth, memory usage, cpu usage, session count and session count rate data - all in order to facilitate better security and management of the firewall provisioning with the organisation.

July 22 2016 - A shop for the converted.
GISS assists global ISP in migrating a household name clothes retailer's firewalls from Juniper to FortiNet firewalls. Two datacentre-based legacy Juniper SRX650s are being retired to be replaced by two FortiGate-1500Ds (80Gbps of firewall and 11Gbps of next-generation firewall). GISS provided the firewall configuration conversion.

May 12 2016 - Anyone for Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP)?
GISS launches GISS Cyber Threat Assessment designed to provide organisations with a detailed look into the type and amount of cyber threats posing risks to their networks which cannot be detected by their existing security solutions. In collaboration with FortiNet, GISS is offering its threat assessment program to organisations free-of-charge. Through the assessment process, the FortiGate high-performance next generation firewall will be installed within the customer or prospect network, where it monitors the application traffic traversing the network for intrusions, malware and malicious applications that could collectively cause massive risk to the network, giving attackers access to a company's most sensitive files and database information. At the end of the data collection period, a detailed risk assessment report will be generated, using FortiAnalyzer, that provides an analysis of the application traffic, user productivity, network utilization, the overall security risk, and the related business risk, as well as detailed, actionable mitigation recommendations.

Mar 02 2016 - FortiAuthenticator deployed for Corporate-wide Single Sign-On (SSO) to AD
A world leading company in Quality of Life services this month is (with assistance from GISS) deploying FortiAnthenticator to permit centralised web filter control via AD user login - without the need for SSO agents on all corporate Domain Controllers. This means users from head office working in large regional office can be consistently and securely web filtered inline with company internet access policy. FortiAuthenticator is a User Identity Management Appliance that integrates with AD, Radius, 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) - Soft and Hard Tokens (Fortitoken), IEEE802.1X and social network-based authentication support for wired and wireless network security.

Feb 05 2016 - DLP?
A cinema chain has this month renewed with GISS their Credit Card Data Leak Prevention (DLP) system to maintain their PCI compliance. FortiNet firewall's high-performance ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) permit high speed analysis of all traffic passing out to the internet - and GISS has configured this customer's FortiGate cluster to study all out-bound traffic, and look out for, and block, any credit card numbers being attempted to be passed through the firewall.

Jan 08 2016 - Statistically speaking, of course.
A new year and a new customer for GISS. A research centre for biostatistics involved in randomised trial design and statistical genomics was looking to smoothly replace a legacy Cisco security device with a high performance next-generation firewall that provided protection against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). So it is being replaced by a pair of Fortigate-200Ds in High-Availability mode, along with a FortiAnalyzer-VM to provide in-depth logging, reporting and forensics. GISS will be supplying and installing the equipment in March, and then be providing a fully-managed firewall support service.

Dec 21 2015 - Wifi Securely Constructed.
This month a mechanical and electrical design and build contractors has asked GISS to assist in expanding their wifi network. As their Fortigate firewall is already a wifi controller, all we needed to do was ship some FAPs (FortiAccess Points) which the customer simply plugged into existing ethernet infrastructure. They were then "discovered" by the FortiGate and SSIDs and firewall policies securely configured in minutes - i.e. a Wifi securely constructed!

Nov 8 2015 - Onsite-a-national Rescue.
We don't often need to turn up onsite to fix a "firewall down" scenario as most of our customers (realising the criticality of internet connectivity) these days have high-availability pairs of firewalls, or cold stand-by units ready. Nonetheless, when push comes to shove, GISS were able to drop sticks and (outside of contracted SLA, but to help resolve crisis as soon as possible) get swiftly to a customer's site in Gloucestershire and provide a temporary firewall to replace down firewall. Where resources permit, GISS-are-Go when needed.

Oct 15 2015 - PRMA 24x7x4 - Peace of Mind.
A countrywide provider of gas heating and electrical installations, servicing and repairs asked GISS to assist in the renewal of support contracts for 24 FortiNet units deployed across the UK. In the end, a support contract that delivered: Professional RMA services (that puts replacement hardware onsite 24x7 within 4 hours), UTM bundle licensing 24x7 - and all units co-termed to same renewal date in 2016 - was provided to a happy customer. Looks like they will be wanting a Co-Managed SLA agreement to assist in applying "best practice security" to their firewall estate also - all leading to more "peace of mind" regarding UK-wide network's security defenses.

Aug 10 2015 - Global Migration, not for the birds.
GISS have been asked by FortiNet to assist a global engineering, environmental and strategic consultancy organization in migrating 28 sites world-wide from Juniper to FortiNet Fortigate Firewalls. The project will be running over the next 6-12 months - involving a the gradual retirement of the legacy kit and replacing it with FortiNet high-performance, high-security FG-1500Ds and FG-100Ds - as well as the development of a highly meshed and efficient world-wide VPN network.

Jul 21 2015 - A third FCNSP for GISS (or is that NSE4 ?)
GISS are pleased to announce we have this week increased the number of FortiiNet Certified Network Security Professionals in our Technical Support team from two... to three. Except FortiiNet have now re-branded FCNSP to be NSE4 - Network Security Expert Level 4. So we now have three of those!

Jun 29 2015 - Why Fi?
Did you know Wi-Fi is not an acronym or an abbreviation? Wi-Fi was simply a name created in 1999 by a marketing company to be a little catchier than "IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence" - but it is a melding of "Wireless" and "Hi-Fi", but it does not stand for Wireless Fidelity! Any way, four GISS customers have this month chosen to deploy more Wi-Fi tech. Three out of four of them are using FortiNet Forti-Access Points (FAPs) - leveraging the fact that their FortiGate firewalls are already ready to be super-secure wireless controller. All the customer needed to do was plug in the Wi-Fi units (FAP-223C seem to be most common unit this month) and the firewall automatically detected the FAPs and then configuration was just a few mouse-clicks. So that is "Why", they... "Fi"!

May 28 2015 - Wireless Music by the Floors.
A long standing GISS customer that sells sheet music world-wide is integrating Forti-wifi Access Points (FAPs) into their central London offices across multiple floors. These POE Access Points (FAP-223Cs) are dual radio (802.11 b/g/n and 802.11 a/n/ac, 2x2 MIMO) with 1Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ethernet port. They will be managed by the wireless controller that is standard in all FortiNet firewalls, in this case a FG-1000D cluster - with security policies and ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) integrated into the configuration. In this case the customer does not have POE (Power Over Ethernet) switches - so they will be deploying 1-Port Gigabit PoE Power Injectors (802.3af) in the comms cabinets to deliver power to these high-performance wifi units over ethernet cabling.

March 30 2015 - FirePlotter... Perpetually Yours.
GISS are pleased to announce the availability of a "perpetual" license purchasing option for FirePlotter. Previously FirePlotter had only been available as 1 Year annual license that can be renewed each 12 months. Now in the FirePlotter Shop there is the option to purchase perpetual Class 1, 2 and 3 licenses for SMB, Enterprise and High-End firewalls respectively. These new perpetual license options cost 3 times the usual price of an annual renewal. So if for users planning on deploying FirePlotter (and many users do) for more than 3 years, then this is a great deal!

Jan 09 2015 - High Availability Internet
Today a large architects company has asked GISS to assist in debug of internet availability. So we have been helping them to track down the fault in their LAN(s), Firewall, Router, ISP sequence. Later i n the day, GISS provided evidence of the fault -  that in this case showed that the internet downtime was clearly being caused by the ISP. Too often ISPs fob off customers who have connectivity problems. GISS are able to help customers to quickly collate evidence that can be submitted to their ISP to get faster resolution of these kind of internet access problems - and so help them to establish robust internet connectivity with confidence. Please Contact Us if you need assistance with this kind of challenge.

Oct 10 2014 - William the Conqueror accesses Youtube.
A school on the south coast of the UK that is a valued GISS customer sent us this message today: "William the conqueror was able to get onto youtube. He even had the access point set up in one of those pointed tents with the flag on top." This school, based near Battle, Hastings was involved in a re-enactment of the 1066 Battle of Hastings, and had requested assistance with providing Wifi access for the event. We were able to provide FortiNet Wifi Access Point technology to help out. The event apparently was a "ripping success". See

Sept 1 2014 - She's certified.
One of our... well, our only in fact... Trainee Firewall Engineer today passed her FCNSA exam. Well done Rowan! FCNSA stands for FortiNet Certified Network Security Administrator. Next stop (after Comp TIA+ Part II), is then FCNSP... and P stands for Professional! Customers can get themselves trained as FCNSAs and FSNSPs - Contact Us for more information if you are interested.

Aug 15 2014 - FG-1000Cs... Galore!
A major UK holiday company purchased 2 x FortiGate-1000C units to deploy in main UK head office today. Also this month we have provided security maintenance services to a major London solicitors whom have 4 x FG-1000Cs in operation that needed configuration reviews, vpn setups and security improvements; including adding multiple SSL-VPN portals, some with certificate-based two-factor authentication, some with just two-factor only.

Jul 04 2014 - FortiNet Xperts - Apparently
Today, two GISS System Engineers returned from the first-ever, three day FortiNet Xperts Academy in Cannes. Intensive 4 hour topic sessions covered: Advanced Management and reporting (FortiAnalyzer/FortiManager), Advanced Threat Protection Solution (FortiGuard), FortiOS 5.2 Update, Wireless LAN Security (FortiAP), Secure authentication (FortiAuthenticator). When they arrived back, for some reason then went for a lie down in a dark room to... (apparently) "let their brains cool down"

Jun 27 2014 - Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) - Customer to Customer
One service that GISS often provides to customers is assisting with the establishment of secure, encrypted site-to-site VPNs. The customer requires a VPN link from their firewall through to another business in the UK or internationally. This often involves liaison with many parties to: a) establish the link, b) test the services that are expected to work through it. Patience and technical expertise can often be the key ingredients that make it all work. Especially the former. Fortunately at GISS we have an abundance of both! And we have successfully setup 7 different VPNs for various customers this month.

May 30 2014 - Firewalls that are Highly Available
A survey of GISS customers today shows that 21 of 70+ GISS customers are now running 31 high-availability (HA) fortigate firewall clusters between them. High-availability means having a second firewall running alongside the existing one operating as hot-backup that automatically takes over should the primary one fail. Deploying HA is a steadily growing trend as IT managers and company directors recognise more and more that whatever the size of your business - any internet downtime means lost business.

May 15 2014 - The Virtual Worlds of the FAZ & the FM
GISS customers are starting to take advantage of the virtualized products FortiNet now have to offer. Interestingly almost all FortiNet technologies are available to run on VMware or Hyper-V platforms. All GISS customers are sticking to FortiGate hardware for their firewalls because of the ground-breaking performance delivered by the custom network and content processing ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits). And some GISS customers are now moving to refresh their FortiAnalyzer (FAZ - detailed logging and easy reporting appliance) or FortiMail (FM - Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus appliance)  - by moving from appliances to virtualized (VM) versions of these products. This pathway saves on capital costs and annual operational costs of both FortiAnalyzer and FortiMail - and that works well for everyone.

May 07 2014 - HA! So much faster and more resilient
A large northern NHS Trust of several hospitals has upgraded FortiGate-800s to FortiGate-800Cs. The 800s had served them for 9 years. This is common experience for GISS customers who find that the sizing of the firewall recommended by GISS often lasts >5 years. As part of the upgrade, several hospital locations are now deploying HA mode, that is "high availability". Some are deployed in Active-Passive HA, some in Active-Active (load-share) HA. Some are using device, link and session failure-over technologies. So, now hospital IT administrators know their firewalls are so much faster, and also so much more resilient to hardware failure!

Mar 11 2014 - Protecting Research
Today GISS installed a high-performance FortiNet FortiGate firewall cluster for an advanced scientific research centre based in Cambridgeshire. When asked for a brief testimony a few days later from this much-valued new GISS customer - the feedback was: "The GISS team recently replaced our Cisco ASA devices with a pair of FG-600Cs. The pre-installation discussions were thorough and helpful, and the planning for the transition anticipated potential problems and mitigated them. The actual installation went very smoothly indeed and our users were back online with the absolute minimum of downtime. Overall our experience of working with GISS has been very satisfactory indeed." - fine feedback, greatly appreciated!

Feb 14 2014 - FortiConverter - Firewall Configuration Conversion Service.
Today GISS began offering it's FortiConverter Service - a firewall configuration conversion service. Using the powerful FortiConverter tool from FortiNet, GISS are now able to offer, at a reasonable costs, conversion of Cisco PIX or ASA, Juniper or Sonicwall firewall configurations to FortiGate firewall configurations. Firewall engineers and IT specialist know that having the all expertise to perform these kind of conversions can be challenging - and even with said expertise, the task can be laborious, error prone and sometimes simply do not work. Let us make life easy by providing the core firewall conversion for you.

Jan 27 2014 - FirePlotter End User Impressed!
And we quote: "FirePlotter is the best! The client has a new Fortigate 100D with FortiOS 5.0. Their traffic reports are pretty but almost useless for many routine types of investigation where filtering and drilldown is beneficial. Fortinet should just give up and pay you a royalty to include FirePlotter with the box."


Dec 21 2013 - Uptime 650 Days, 22 Hours, 9 minutes
We love working with Fortinet technology. Not many manufacturers have such stable products. Reliability is one of many reasons why GISS choose FortiNet FortiGates as their preferred firewall solution. See this screenshot of a FortiGate firewall showing that it has been up and performing reliably for 650 days!

Nov 05 2013 - Mobile Two Factor Authentication - iPhone or Android
GISS customer based in Lemington Spa today purchased Mobile Fortitokens to be deployed on smartphones: iPhone or Android. The Fortitoken "app" permits more secure two-factor authentication for this customer when logging on to their SSL-VPN Portal to gain access to internal corporate resources.

Oct 02 2013 - FirePlotter Website - Enhanced! Sharper, Faster... Better!
Today our new and shiny FirePlotter Website was launched - with a new sharper look and feel, and significantly faster hosting. We are pleased to report that the full database of shoppers and historical orders has been carefully maintained and migrated to new site. This means that after several months of work and careful testing, the site upgrade has gone very smoothly - so a big "Thank you" and "Well Done" to all involved!

Aug 31 2013 - Global Accounting.
GISS have been contracted by a leader in cloud-based Accounting Software to provide design consultancy for a global roll-out of new office IT provision. The provision, consisting of Cisco, FortiNet and Aerohive technology is provided for Strategic, Large, Small and Micro-office sizes, and appropriate hardware and resilience has been carefully and meticulously included in the resilient design.

Aug 08 2013 - FirePlotter Alert!
FirePlotter v2.24 Beta was released today by GISS. FirePlotter is a real-time session or connection monitor, or firewall traffic visualizer for Cisco ASA and Fortinet FortiGate firewalls This new beta version adds Alerts to FirePlotter's features. This means users can set thresholds for session count and total bandwidth usage that send email alerts when the set thresholds have been crossed. This adds considerable firepower to FirePlotter's already considerable feature set.

Jun 28 2013 - Billion Dollar Man(ufacturer) is new GISS customer
A multi-billion dollar global manufacturer of control and motion systems and technologies has taken out an SLA with GISS to assist with supporting it's 200+ FortiNet firewalls worldwide. GISS's technical and administrative expertise in supporting and licensing large numbers of firewalls, means that this new GISS customer now benefits from reliable and responsive technical support, and assistance with easy licensing and synchronizing of renewals of their extensive firewall technology estate.

May 16 2013 - Kiwi fruits it up in the UK
GISS assists New Zealand company to upgrade expanding UK office by installing: cabinet, FortiNet FortiGate-100D firewall, Cisco Catalyst C2960S 48 port POE switch and 3 Aerohive wireless access points (WAPs) in managed office suites. Significant improvements in internet access speeds is subsequently being enjoyed by all 40 employees who had previously been sharing a tiny DLink ADSL Wifi router for all access!

Mar 13 2013 - Never Go Down
GISS ships a second FortiNet FortiGate-200B to create a high-availability firewall cluster at a successful marketing company in Lemington Spa, UK. The additional firewall was pre-configured to drop in alongside the existing firewall, and once switched on instantly created an active-active firewall cluster; sharing the firewalling work, whilst at the same time operating as a failover-pair should one unit fail. GISS customers are enjoying more and more firewall installations that are more secure and never go down.

Feb 01 2013 - Taxi!!
GISS ships a second FG-200B high availability firewall cluster to a well established London Concierge and Taxi business. The firewall cluster was pre-configured to replace an existing Cisco firewall, so in a simple straight and easy swap, the new firewall cluster was installed seamlessly in minutes. See:

Jan 30 2013 - Portals to New Worlds.
In January, GISS helped a large corporate customer to deploy multiple FortiNet FortiGate SSL-VPN portals to permit different suppliers secure (& logged) access specific servers or communications equipment. Securing support.


Dec 05 2012 - Token Gesture - Tokenised Support.
GISS offered tokenised access to its award winning FortiNet FCNSP (FortiNet Certified Network Security Professional) technical engineering team to a new customer this month. The service is based a Token system, where each Token equates to 15 minutes of engineering time. Tokens can now be used by this new customer to assist with technical configuration, troubleshooting, reviews, training and products – ensuring the most flexible use of their budget.

Nov 29 2012 - Floor to Ceiling and Skyward.
This November has been one of the busiest and most successful months ever for the GISS Team. In November a small business joined the GISS customer family purchasing a solution that simply deployed a FortiWiFi-40C firewall along with two FA-220B WiFi access points. In the same month, two of GISS's largest customer renewed substantial support contracts supporting many, many firewalls in the UK and across the globe.

Oct 25 2012 - Remote Firewall Training - Virtually there!
In a GISS first today, remote FortiNet FortiGate training was provided today to a long-term and valued GISS customer based in the far north of the UK. Using TeamViewer to facilitate the remote training session. The interesting, hands-on practical and relaxed theoretical training focused primarily on FortiGuard Web Filtering, URL filtering configuration features and understanding Web Filtering Logging. The training session as enjoyed by all.

Oct 16 2012 - 2nd Monster Firewall Shipped
Medical research organisation purchases a second FortiGate-3140B ( FG-3140B-BDL ) Next Generation Firewall that provides 8 x 10-GbE SFP+ and 10 x SFP FortiASIC-accelerated port, 2 x 10-GbE FortiASIC-SP2 port, 2 x 10/100/1000 port - delivering up a roaring 58 Gpbs firewall throughput!!

Sep 24 2012 - Cracked! - iPhone/iPad and Android IPSEC VPN support to FortiGate
GISS engineers today cracked configuring a single FortiNet FortiGate to support concurrent iPhone/iPad and Android IPSEC VPN connections providing secure access to corporate internal services and networks.

Sep 04 2012 - A Penetrating Stare
A valued GISS customer returns to take advantage of our advanced GISS Internet Security Audit Penetration Testing services. In this case just a single IP address hosting a website was required to be rush tested non-intrusively. A full report with details of critical, high, medium and low vulnerabilities, with recommendations for remedial actions was subsequently provided within 24 hours. In this case the website was found to safe and secure at the time of testing.

Aug 24 2012 - Web Application Firewalls (WAF) Protects
Long established GISS customer, a large UK distributor of motor parts, orders FortiNet WBF-400C Web Application Firewalls to protect core business-centric web servers. Two WAFs will be deployed in September, one each in fully redundant data centres.

Aug 10 2012 - GISS Go IPv6
GISS activates new IPv6 connection in it's head office, and brings this website: online as an IPv4 ( and IPv6 (2a01:348:306:002::2) website. The new IPv6 addressing scheme amounts to approximately 4.8×1028 addresses for each of the seven billion people alive in 2011!

ipv6 ready

Jul 27 2012 - FirePlotter FG-100D/621B
FirePlotter 2.23 Build (120727) was released today to add support to the bandwidth monitoring product for the new FG-100D & FG-621B UTM/firewall models now available from FortiNet (and GISS ;)

Jul 2nd 2012 - GISS ship first FG-100Ds
Northamptonshire school deploys new FortiGate-100Ds to provide VPN link to replace ailling inter-site radio link, and provide high performance security for new FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) connections.

Jun 26th 2012 - Charity starts far and wide
GISS supplies 29 firewalls to charity organisation for deployment world-wide. GISS helped the non-profit organisation to procure the units at lowest price possible to keep the charity's IT capital costs well within budget plan.

Jun 19th 2012 - Token Gesture
GISS ship 10 x FortTokens to childcare voucher company in order for remote users to gain secure access to in-house company IT services via SSL-VPN using advanced two-factor authentication technology.

Mar 26th 2012 - First Ship
GISS ship the very first FortiGate-300Cs available in the UK to video conferencing technologies company in Berkshire.

Feb 14 2012 - Leviathan Firewall Awaking...
UK Medical research company starts to prepare FortiNet FG-3140B in new building that has finally been completed. GISS supplied, and is now configuring this 68Gbps (!!) firewall that features 10 10-GbE interfaces.

Jan 17th 2012 - Out with the old, in with the new
A Cambridgeshire College upgrades to a FortiNet FG-200B after retiring trusty FG-200A-HD that has provided reliable service for 5 years. The new FG-200B unit is an order of magnitude faster in firewall throughput. And thanks to GISS, the migration was as simple as unplugging the old unit and plugging in the new.


Dec 23rd 2011 - HA! High Availability
A UK countrywide tyre distribution company deploys FortiNet FG-200B in high availability mode across two data centres using VLANS and OSPF to ensure maximum uptime.

Sept 5th 2011 - Extreme Reliability & Longevity - FortiNet!
Major white label search provider and GISS upgrades existing FortiGate cluster. The FortiNet FortiGate UTM firewall cluster had not needed to be rebooted for nearly three years. The existing firewall cluster has now been upgraded to a high performance FortiGate-620B (FG-620B) cluster.

July 22nd 2011 - Cisco morphs into FortiNet
UK regulatory body continues migration from Cisco security products with purchase of additional FortiNet technology.

June 21st 2011 - MRC division adopts FortiNet vulnerability scanner
A division of Medical Research Council chose FortiNet’s vulnerability scanner products (PCI compliant) to penetration test in-house devices.

May 25th 2011 - GISS bespoke FortiNet training
Producer of perfumery and flavouring uses GISS bespoke training services for FortiNet products which provides more in-depth training on key features they are specifically deploying.

Apr 17th 2011 - Balance that load carefully
GISS successfully configures FortiNet FortiGate Load-Balancing technology in FG-60C-HA cluster to deliver resiliant high-performance firewalling and load-balancing for public services website.

Mar 31st 2011 - "We don't need no education..."
GISS helps an upper school in Kent to deploy FortiNet FortiGate "Application Control" technology to manage pupil (borders and non-borders) bandwidth usage and service access to the internet.

Feb 4th 2011 - iPhone4 IPsec VPN to FortiGate
GISS successfully configures first iPhone IPSEC VPN to FortiNet FortiGate firewall, that fully support DNS resolution via company internal DNS servers.

Jan 3rd 2011 - Cisco Firewall SLA
GISS renews Service Level Agreement for Cisco Firewall support for a college in East Anglia for fourth year. The SLA provides telephone/email support and remote debug (8x5), and a pre-configured hardware replacement service.


Dec 31st 2010 - 10Gb interfaces Galore
GISS ships FortiNet FortiGate-3140B (FG-3140B) to research establishment in Cambridge. Just released by FortiNet this month, the FG-3140B features multiple 10Gb interfaces that are much needed in this high-speed data-crunching research environment.

Dec 7th 2010 - FirePlotter's New Beta
GISS releases FirePlotter 2.22 Beta that features new navigation tools and new sessions filters (see ).

Sept 7th 2010 - VPNs Please
GISS is asked at short notice to quickly set up customised VPNs for large distribution company based in Leeds - we are pleased to swiftly oblige.

Aug 23rd 2010 - HA!
Major publishing house is provided with high availability (HA) FortiNet firewalling for at London Office.

Aug 09th 2010 - Monitor US
GISS provides (customer accessible via web) network performance monitoring of firewalls (bandwidth usage, session counts, memory/cpu usage) to a Public Sector Social Services Organisation based in Rugby and London.

Feb 24th 2010 - Great Service
GISS receives positive feedback from Cambridgeshire-based medical research company: "Thank you for the great service."

Feb 24th 2010 - Exemplify
"Cheers Guys, Should also have said how much we all have appreciated your support over the last year, as in previous ones. Your response and service has been exemplary at all times - even when I think we've strayed out of your remit somewhat. Pleasure doing business with you." - feedback from Bristol based web/finance/SharePoint software development company.

Jan 29th 2010 - May 4.0 be with you
GISS assists UK-based marketing company to upgrade FG-310B cluster to v4.0 firmware, offering new security features such as "Data Link Prevention" and "Application Control".


Dec 21st 2009 - A cluster for y'all
GISS ships pre-configured FortiGate-110C-HA cluster to petroleum company in Houston, Texas and remotely installs...

Nov 29th 2009 - Mobile that firewall
GISS helps leading UK-wide tyre distributor to deploy Mobile Broadband and FG-50B remote office solution in remote office with unreliable landline internet connection - another GISS first!

Oct 14th 2009 - Active Directory for Solicitation
Large London solicitors deploys, with GISS assistance, FortiNet's FSAE and Active Directory support technology to enable web activity access and logging by AD User Groups on their FortiGate-200A High Availability cluster.

Sep 17th 2009 - FirePlotter 2.01 released
FirePlotter 2.01 released that includes real-time monitoring and *new* feature of "Record" and "Replay" of firewall session information, plus improved Cisco firewall support.

Jun 10th 2009 - GISS best for FortiNet Support
GISS awarded "Best FortiNet Support in Europe 2009" at FortiNet Conference last night in St. Andrews, Scotland.

Jun 3rd 2009 - FirePlotter 2.0 beta released
FirePlotter 2.0 beta released that includes real-time monitoring and *new* feature of "Record" and "Replay" of firewall session information.

May 18th 2009 - NHS Trust Co-terms
Large northern NHS trust of several hospitals aligns all license renewals on may FortiGate units to same renewal date.

May 13th 2009 - Network Upgrade
GISS seamlessly upgrades a well known household supplier of electrical goods firewall firmware on HQ and warehouse firewall clusters.

Feb 1st 2009 - Safety Music Again
Large worldwide sheet music distributor signs GISS for another year to support global network of FortiNet 1000As in UK and FortiNet FW-60A, FG-100A & FG-200A firewalls in smaller worldwide locations.

Jan 5th 2009 - FirePlotter b090105 released
GISS releases firewall real-time session monitor FirePlotter 1.4 b090105 that now includes auto-reconnect feature in preparation for *new* logging and replay feature scheduled for release in 2009.


Nov 27th 2008 - Route 2810
A UK-wide Tyre Distribution company orders and successfully deploys Cisco 2810 router to provide additional subnets for VOIP network provided and installed by GISS.

22nd October 2008 - International Services Corporate Day & Night
GISS is pleased to announce that large International Services Company that delivers network services to Local Government renewed 24x7x4 cover for FG-1000 cluster, and took out other services with GISS this month. For more information on GISS support services see here.

5th September 2008 - Social Care saves network costs
Social Care Workforce regulator reduces network costs with GISS by using GISS expertise to reconfigure VPNs from Cisco ASAs to utilise lower costs site to site network connections.

31st Aug 2008 - FirePlotter downloads approaching 1000 per month
GISS is pleased to announce the increasing popularity and interest in its in-house developed FirePlotter software that provides real-time bandwidth monitoring for Cisco ASA/PIX and FortiNet FortiGate Firewalls. Downloads range from 10-40+/day. The latest version (v1.4) of FirePlotter is downloadable from here:

July 29th 2008 - Oil Industry Efficient FortiGates
Oil Industry efficiency firm that focuses on frontline efficiency takes shipment of 3rd FortiGate-200A. Connecting a new office to an existing office with FG-200A high availability cluster using high performance VPN.

June 12th 2008 - First FortiGate-310B in UK shipped by GISS
GISS is pleased to announce being the first UK FortiNet reseller to ship FortiGate-310B Firewalls that features 8Gb firewall throughput at an unprecedented low price. GISS has actually supplied a pair of FG-310Bs to operate in high-availability mode for a large digital marketing and communications company based in the City, London.

May 8th 2008 - FirePlotter released with SSH support
GISS releases FirePlotter v1.4 that now included support for secure encrypted SSH connection to Cisco ASA/PIX and FortiNet FortiGate Firewalls. FirePlotter provides unique real-time session monitoring for firewalls. See for more details.

March 10th 2008 - GISS Technology Partner with FortiNet
GISS are pleased to announce becoming a Technology Partner with FortiNet ( As part of this partnership, FirePlotter has now completed FortiNet's Fortiverified certification process. This means FirePlotter has been tested and certified in FortiNet's product development labs for interoperability with the FortiNet product range. For more details see - Technology Partners.

March 10th 2008 - Cluster Up
Northern NHS trust add 3 more FortiGate-800s to their perimeter security to create high-availability clusters. High-availability clusters offer greater fault-tolerance and workload load-balancing to increase performance.

Feb 7th 2008 - Safety Music
Large worldwide sheet music distributor signs GISS for another year to support global network of FortiNet 1000As in UK and FortiNet FW-60A, FG-100A & FG-200A firewalls in smaller worldwide locations.

Feb 7th 2008 - FirePlotter b070208 released
GISS releases firewall real-time session monitor FirePlotter 1.3 b070208 onto an unsuspecting public. This release includes more sophisticated support for Cisco environments and new debug code.


Nov 6th 2007 - Another Lab
Another new GISS customer from the world famous Medical Research Centre based in Cambridge activates FortiGate-300A and FortiAnalyzer-100B in another Laboratory Unit.

Oct 10th 2007 - More Nodes Globally
UK HQ of Global Finance House based in Wimbledon adds two FortiGate-200A Unified Threat Management devices to its worldwide network of 50+ FortiGates

Aug 27th 2007 - Publish a Cluster
New GISS customer, a 40 Year old London-based world-wide publishing company after 14-day onsite evaluation, purchases and deploys FG-200A cluster in UK, with VPN to FG-50B cluster in US.

Jul 18th 2007 - Active Directory lets web filtering track to User
Work finalised today on Active Directory Web Filtering support for a large Tyre Manufacturing company. Using a FortiGate Firewall and FortiNet FSAE Agent installed on Domain Controller this company can now control what kind of web sites employees have access to based on AD group membership. This configuration also lets IT Managers audit which (logged in) user has browsed which websites.

Jun 8th 2007 - FirePlotter v1.2 released
FirePlotter v1.2 released by GISS and made available to evaluate and purchase from The FirePlotter v1.2 release features support for Cisco ASA Security devices such as 5505, 5510, 5520, 5530 or 5540.

May 13th 2007 - FAZ to Log
GISS provides a FAZ (FortiAnalyser) to Medical Research Council Sub-division to provide logging/auditing/reporting for all internet activities including email/web browsing (HTTP & HTTPS)/IDS/Anti-Virus.

April 12th 2007 - ASA5510 with IDS Deployed
GISS installs Cisco ASA 5510 with independent IDS module for UK medical portal service replacing ageing GnatBox.

March 27th 2007 - FirePlotter Starts
GISS begins very first customer trials of FirePlotter at large London Solicitors. FirePlotter is a real-time session monitor for Cisco and FortiNet Firewalls providing simple to understand firewall session data and graphical display of bandwidth usage. FirePlotter has been developed by GISS in-house. See: for more information.

March 23rd 2007 - Spam kept in a Tin
Well know manufacturer of baby buggies, already using Cisco and FortiNet Firewall technologies, deploys FortiNet FortiMail-100 appliance to block and manage spam emails. End Users are able to manage and release own spam emails - leaving the IT manager to more important business.

Feb 9th 2007 - Taxi!
Well known and long established GISS customer London taxi company orders and deploys new Cisco Firewall and Switches in new office location.

Feb 2nd 2007 - Safety Music
Large worldwide sheet music distributor signs GISS for another year to support global network of Cisco and FortiNet 1000A firewalls. Same customer begins roll-out of new FortiNet FW-60A, FG-100A & FG-200A firewalls in smaller worldwide locations

Jan 12th 2007 - FortiMail Armour
GISS manufacturing customer of five years renews fail-over Cisco Firewall and FortiGate Firewall Support contracts. This customer also has offices in New York and Hong Kong - with VPNs securely connecting these multiple offices. In 2007 this customer will be trialling FortiMail, FortiNet's end-user manageable anti-spam solution. (See:


5th 2006 - More AD Support
Another GISS customer activates Active Directory support for their FortiGate Firewall. By installing a collector and reporting agent on Active Directory domain controllers in house, this customer is able to authenticate and audit internet access via Active Directory login.

Nov 22nd 2006 - Petro-Firewall

Petro-chemicals company deploys new Fortigate-200A Bundle (AV/IDS/WF/AS) to protect sensitive corporate data. For ease of installation firewall "dropped in" in transparent mode.

Nov 3rd 2006 - High Volume Support

GISS sign support contract with large government support services organisation to support FG-1000 HA pair synchronised over fire-optic links on discrete secure sites.

Oct 1st 2006 - Active Directory Reporting
GISS assists a home counties NHS Trust hospital to configure High Availability pair for FG-1000As and FortiAnalyser to authenticate and audit internet user activity by Active Directory login. So instead of logs showing the IP address of users accessing the internet, logs now show Username. Also, any users not loged into AD are blocked from accessing the internet.

Sept 13th 2006 - NHS Trust FortiNet
A northern counties NHS trust deploys two more FortiNet FortiGate-800s to protect medical data alongside with FortiAnalyser to provide continuous audit and reporting of internet activity on a total of 7 FortiGate Firewall systems.

Aug 23rd 2006 - Analyse & Report

In August, three top GISS customers installed and connected FortiAnalysers to existing Fortigate Firewalls to provide full auditing and reporting on all company (and non-company!) internet communications. FortiAnalyser now audits all email, web, FTP, Terminal Services and internet Messaging & P2P (e.g. MSN, Yahoo, Skype, Kazaa) communications to provide reports to senior IT management. See more information

June 8th 2006 - Performance & Motivation
Performance, Motivation & Management company based in Milton Keynes upgrades to FG-200A and FortiAnalyser and V3.0 Firmware to augment existing PIX firewall. FortiAnalyser now audits all email, web and internet messaging communications to provide reports to senior IT management.

May 30th 2006 - Household Name Manufacturer
Household name kitchen appliance manufacturer deploys Fortinets in high availability mode in HQ (2 x FG-200A) and warehouse (2 x FG-60). High availability mode is the clustering two (or more) FortiGates to provide fail-over tolerance and load-balancing to increase in performance.

April 5th 2006 - ADSL in Fortinet
GISS today started testing the first shipments of Fortinet's new FG-60-ADSL units that include in-built ADSL router. GISS is also piloting the testing of new v3.0 firmware on the new Fortigate-60A Wifi units. See

March 10th 2006 - Traffic in Flow
Today an major London law firm, an already well established GISS customer, activated it's subscription to the GISS Traffic Flow Monitoring service. GTFM provides real-time and historical audit of bandwidth usage, session count and other data that may affect internet traffic flow performance. All accessible by simple, user friendly graphical interface. See for more information.

Jan 23rd 2006 - Expertise On-site
GISS expertise used for 2 days by another FortiNet Reseller for on-site Fortigate consultancy work for leading printer manufacturer. Fortinet and Fortinet's UK distributors are confident in using GISS expertise, confidentiality and techno-sales approach with their customers to promote new business for other Fortinet resellers.


1st 2005 - Music Protected
UK Sheet Music Music Publisher chooses 2 x Fortinet Fortigate FG-1000A firewalls in high availability configuration to protect corporate networks. This customers key requirements are deep packet inspection, VPN termination and Spam Filtering.

Nov 7th 2005 - Educational Thanks
Independent Day and Boarding Heritage School in Sussex looking for Internet Security partner to provide specialist services to support signs with GISS. After only a few days support, this customer reports at the end of recent email: "Again, many thanks for you valuable advice over the phone last week. We are already getting far more out of the Fortigate than ever before".

Nov 1st 2005 - Anti-Spam Sp!m Sqam Sp"am"
Large Scottish College conglomerate actives low-cost anti-spam service on enterprise class FortiNet Firewall that jointly protects 3 major colleges. The use of FortiNet's own high performance anti-spam service provided significant cost savings when compared with dedicated anti-spam hardware/licensing costs.

October 10th, 2005 - 40+ Fortigates SLA
GISS renews Firewall Support SLA (Service Level Agreement) for 40+ FortiNet Firewalls with a global investments finance house. This trans-national AV/IDS/Ant-Spyware secured network deploys multiple fail-over FG-300 and satellite FG-60s worldwide.

September 23rd, 2005 - Pan European PIX
GISS shipped another pre-configured Cisco PIX for a pan-European computer repair company today for deployment in the UK. This is the 11th firewall that is being fully remotely managed by GISS for this customer. Another unit will be deployed to a new location in Italy in October 2005

September 20th, 2005 - Computer Weekly
GISS feature in Computer Weekly article on Medical Research Council's deployment of FG-800 to protect Brain Sciences Unit. See article here.

September 19th, 2005 - Trading Room Resilience
GISS installed dual AV Firewalls in high-availability configuration today in the trading room of a worldwide trading company house based in Central London. These devices have been installed to replace Raptor firewall that would not support bespoke application requirements.

August 26th, 2005 - GISS & Fortinet Marketing
GISS and Fortinet prepare for series of three advertisements in SC Magazine (Secure Computing) encouraging users to explore the Fortinet Firewall User Interface and to take advantage of a GISS Internet Security Audit at special low price. See advertisment

August 10th, 2005 - Credit Finance House
Credit Finance House use GISS to deploy a wireless AV firewall and ADSL Router/Modem. Both products were shipped correctly pre-configured to plug in and switch - on saving them onsite installation charges. FirePlotter.

July 30th, 2005 - Computer Repair Company
A Computer Repair Company use GISS to deploy their 11th fully managed firewall from GISS. GISS manage their firewalls in England, Scotland, and Germany.

July 27th, 2005 - Specialist Tyre Retailer
Specialist Tyre Retailer use a Unified Threat Management (UTM) device shipped by GISS on the same day it was requested to detect and successfully thwart an internal network attack.

July 26th, 2005 - Northern NHS Trust
A Northern NHS Trust take delivery of two high performance FG-800 8 port AV firewalls (4 Gigabit ports) from GISS.

Jun 29th, 2005 - Medical Research Council
GISS performs on-site install of multi-port Gigabit AV firewall, that includes Web Filtering for Medical Research Council. See Press Release.